Why Beacon?

Extended Research Experience

Return to a favorite project, broaden its scope, reconsider its findings, or dive into additional data, reports, or criticism.

A Mentor

With guidance from an enthusiastic faculty member who has expertise in your topic's field, enhance your questions, ideas, arguments, and presentation.

Academic Writing Experience

Refine, revise, expand, and meticulously document sustained academic prose.

An Enthusiastic Audience

Present your work to a judge, other panel presenters, and a mix of faculty, family, and friends, all listening closely and able to ask questions about your work.


Panel presenters have submitted the best, most interesting papers, and they compete for Panel Awards that include monetary prizes and publication.

Conference Experience

Participate in this academic and professional conference, presenting your ideas and listening to others' ideas, and gain a range of experiences that encourage further development of valuable skills that transfer into many other contexts.