The Beacon 2020 Submission Window Has Closed

The Beacon 2020 submission window has closed. The pages containing submission forms and links to them have been removed from the site.

Thank you to all students who submitted a paper to Beacon 2020.

Also, thank you to all Faculty Mentors who guided students as they revised and polished their work for submission.

Traditionally, submissions are due by March 1 each year. This year, we decided to extend the window to March 4, not in response to any requests from students or participating institutions, but because of how March 1 figures into various institutions' calendars and because student submission rates were low.

In the final tally, over 120 papers were submitted. The initial review of the submissions begins soon. During the initial review, papers are searched for any data that could be used to identify the submitter and their institutional affiliation: any such data found is removed. Papers are also evaluated for originality. Then they are sorted into panels, and those panels are sent to Category Readers for further review and to be ranked.

Writers of the three highest-ranked papers in each panel will be invited to present their work in competitive panels. Writers of promising papers will be invited to participate in the afternoon poster session. We plan to send invitations in early to mid-April so students and institutions will have sufficient time to plan travel and reserve accommodations.

Meanwhile, faculty at sponsoring community colleges are encouraged to register to serve as Category Readers.

Thank you, again, to all students who submitted their work and to all their Faculty Mentors

— Beacon 2020 Co-directors

Published: 2020-03-05 12:57:22
Modified: 2020-03-05 13:06:46