Beacon 2021 Submission Portal

Submission Deadline is March 1, 2021.

Now accepting submissions for Beacon 2021!

Please Read This Before You Proceed

Before submitting a paper, please make sure that:

  1. You have written your paper at your current community college within the past two academic years;
  2. You have worked with a faculty mentor to refine and proofread your work and to select your submission categories.
  3. You have contacted the Beacon Conference Representative on your campus to ensure that you are following your college’s policies regarding participation. Students at non-member colleges should contact the Beacon 2021 Co-Directors to discuss their intent to submit a paper.
  4. You have followed the "Length" and "Format" guidelines on the Call for Submissions and removed your name from the document.

Once you are ready to submit your paper to Beacon 2021, complete this form. Please read the form carefully and provide all the requested information. Consider completing it with your faculty mentor to ensure successful completion of this process. Your submission is not complete until you click the "Submit Your 2021 Beacon Paper" button at the bottom of the form, the form disappears, and a message indicating the success of your submission appears in its place.

Beacon 2021 Online Submission Form

This form is the only way to submit a paper for the Beacon 2021 Conference.

The Beacon 2021 Submission Portal is now closed. Thank you for your support of Beacon.

Error Notices and Confirmation Notices
Unsuccessful uploads will return to the top of the form and display at least one error message. Please review the form carefully and be sure to provide all the information requested. Please use a standard browser that allows the site to set cookies and use javascript. Contact if errors persist.
Successful uploads will be confirmed with an onscreen message. You, your faculty mentor, and your college's Beacon Conference Representative(s) will receive email confirmation of the submission. These confirmations will be emailed automatically within a few minutes of successful uploads. Please check your email, including your SPAM folder if necessary, for a confirmation message from